WELCOME TO Ana McRae Coaching

You’re here to unleash your full potential as an entrepreneur and achieve the kind of impact, wealth, and success you know you’re capable of. 

But… you don’t clearly see the path to getting the results you want, you don’t always follow through on your ideas or plans, and you feel like your success is taking longer than it should. Welcome, you ambitious entrepreneur, you’re in the right place and you deserve an amazing entrepreneur coach in your corner.



With clients around the world in all different industries and at all different stages of business (from high level CEOs running multi million dollar businesses to corporate escapees brand new to entrepreneurship)

Ana is known as THE entrepreneur coach that can help you build wealth alongside freedom & fulfillment, not at the expense of it




Fulfillment occurs when your work is meaningful to you & provides a sense of purpose, when your business leverages your unique abilities and gives you energy, and when it’s set up to align with your values and the way you actually want to live your life.


Your strategy will only help you if it’s simple, sustainable, and crystal clear.

Do you have a strategic plan for creating the results you want? Do you know what actually drives growth in your business and are you tracking the right metrics to make strategic decisions? Are you consistently executing on your strategy every. single. day?


The way you think influences every decision and action in your business

What’s most likely to get in the way of your success? To be honest, it’s you. The beliefs and perspectives that got you here, won’t get you there. You must intentionally cultivate your mindset to move you forward and not hold you back.

My Fulfillment, Strategy, and Mindset Framework is the fastest path
to creating success in life and business.

Let’s jump on an Entrepreneur Coaching discovery call to see what it could do for you.

meet Ana McRae

Why I became an Entrepreneur Coach

I know what it’s like to WANT your business to be at a certain level but feel like you’re spinning in circles and not moving fast enough toward that vision

Whether you want to hit a certain revenue goal (be that $5K months or $1M year), have more freedom to travel without needing to be IN your business, or make a bigger impact through the purpose-driven work you love… 

I’m here to support you with making all of your business goals happen without the struggle you’re currently experiencing.

What lights me up is helping you build, grow, and scale a thriving business that will support your fulfillment – whatever that looks like for you.

And I’ve figured out the exact framework that makes success inevitable when you apply it to your life and business: Fulfillment, Strategy, & Mindset are the biggest determiners of how successful you will be in your life and business.

So, if you’re ready to quantum leap your growth this year, I’m the best possible entrepreneur coach to support you.

let’s be honest…

I’m not your typical Entrepreneur Coach

Coaching is an unregulated industry so you never really know what kind of experience you might walk into
so let me be clear on exactly why I’m the real deal and the best possible entrepreneur coach to support you.

Education & Experience

I didn’t just become a coach one day. I’ve always worked with business owners.

  • 7+ years experience working with hundreds of business owners through consulting & corporate
  • a Bachelor’s degree in Leadership & Business
  • 3 distinct coaching certifications
  • Lean Six Sigma (process improvement) certification

Long Term Clients At All Levels

You can count on me to support you in your life and business at every level, for however long feels good for you.

  • serving coaching clients across 10+ different industries
  • serving business owners from $0 to multi-8 figures & everything in between
  • clients are so damn happy with their results they have been with me 4+ years!!!

Results To Blow Your Mind

It’s not about the coaching calls for me: it’s about actually creating tangible results & massive growth in your business.

  • helping clients make $108,000 in 4 weeks
  • secure 90% of last year’s revenue in 6 weeks
  • achieve their 5 year business goal in just 8 weeks
  • have their best revenue month in 2 whole years
  • hit their quarterly goal within 4 weeks (then double it!)
  • get more done in 2 weeks than in the last 6 months 

Fulfillment. Always.

We’re here to create not just financial success, but fulfilling success ™

  • focused on building a business and growth strategy that works for you (no cookie cutter one size fits all strategies!)
  • create success that aligns with your values and what you really want
  • establish the level of work life balance you truly desire
  • leverage your unique abilities so that you’re regularly working in a state of flow
  • …the money is just the gravy on top.

working with entrepreneur coach Ana McRae

If you’ve read this far and it’s landing for you, here’s how we can actually work together to transform your life and business.


If you’re a new entrepreneur wanting to launch or grow an online business so that you can have the freedom, fulfillment, and financial abundance you dream of, my 1:1 online business coaching program is the perfect fit for you.


If you’re an established entrepreneur at the multi-6 or 7 figure mark looking to scale to the next level, my 1:1 executive business coaching program is the perfect fit for you.


If you don’t know what you want to do, you just know that you’re unhappy in your current job or business, my Purpose Coaching Program is the right place to help you figure out what kind of business you want to launch.

If you’re done settling for the status quo or struggling to grow your business, and are ready to build, grow, and scale a thriving business to support a fulfilling life…

book a discovery call to see exactly how we can make that happen for you.

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