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Here are some of the most powerful collaborations I’ve done with other inspiring leaders in the industry.

In this awe-inspiring episode with my guest, business strategist and personal growth coach, Ana McRae, we discuss one of life’s biggest questions: “How do I get to live the life of my dreams?”

Join in on our raw and uplifting conversation where we talk about:

  • Challenges faced by high achievers early on in life and how it affects us as an adult
  • Finding the balance in being a mother, an individual and a businesswoman
  • Exploring your purpose and overcoming limiting beliefs
  • Creating a business in alignment with your values
  • How to stay rooted in your ‘why’ without the feeling of burnout
  • The biggest death of her identity
  • The true definition of success
  • and so much more!!!

Have you ever wondered exactly how you go from covering your bills to those big, delicious income months that everyone is talking about? Well today I am so excited to bring you a dear friend and client of mine to share exactly how she 10x her income, without doing all the things.

Join us as we chat about:

  • Ana’s journey and how she went from 2k months to 30k months 16 weeks after focusing on the RIGHT things. 
  • The biggest 3 things Ana didn’t do to exponentially grow her business (hint she was STILL working a 9-5, she has 2 small children and she wasn’t working 60 hour weeks).
  • The revelation Ana had that led her to 10x her income (and how she hit her first 5 figure month right after she signed up in our work together) 
  • The importance in knowing what is the RIGHT thing to invest in, what mistakes Ana made in the past and how she realized what the ‘real’ missing piece for her and her business was.


If you’re wondering where to focus to hit those big money goals, without working crazy hours and selling your soul, this episode is for you!

An awesome catch up with Ana McRae a Life & Business Strategist. I really enjoyed hearing her thoughts and learning about her journey.