Life & Purpose Career Coaching


Do you dread getting up in the mornings, procrastinate the things that need to get done at work, and have little energy left for life outside of your career or business?

Perhaps you’re completely miserable in your current job and the only thing keeping your bum in the seat is the paycheck that appears in your bank account every 2 weeks?

Or maybe you’ve built a successful business that was once exciting, but now feels less aligned with who you are and how you want to spend your days – you wonder if there’s more to life than this?

If you’ve ever wondered whether you can make good money doing something more fulfilling and aligned with your purpose and your values…

You were right.

You can make a ton of money doing work that lights you up… A career centred around your unique abilities, passions, and values allows you to excel with ease & make MORE money than staying in a job/business that drains you.

You can build wealth & create success alongside happiness & fulfillment, not at the expense of it. You don’t have to sacrifice all the things you’ve been giving up just to secure your future. You can have it all, now.

You can build a business or career that aligns with your life & leaves you feeling energized every single day. Burnout, overwhelm, exhaustion are not necessary to hit your next level of financial abundance.


I’m Ana McRae

I’m a life purpose & career coach that helps ambitious humans discover their purpose so they can confidently change careers & create fulfilling success ™.

If you’re ready to finally discover your authentic purpose and build a business that fulfills you to the core, I am here for you.

My 1:1 Life Purpose Coaching Program will help you get clear on what you’re meant to be doing with your life and develop the roadmap to actually making it happen so that you can experience freedom, fulfillment, and financial abundance on a daily basis.

  • If you have built a successful business, but feel burnt out & need a change (but you’re not exactly sure what that looks like…)
  • If you are downright miserable at work and wish you could be your own boss and/or do what you love every day (but aren’t sure how to make that happen…)
  • If you’ve led a long and wonderful career to date but are ready for something different (whether you’ve identified what that is or not…)

Standard Package

  • The Finally Fulfilled Online Course to walk you through the step by step process of my Proven Signature Framework for uncovering your purpose
  • 8 in depth, self led video trainings to explain each part of the process
  • 8 workbooks to help you execute the assignments
  • 3 x 1:1 coaching intensives (90 mins) over 3 months to process your key takeaways, coach you through your roadblocks, and translate your discoveries into action so that you’re in the process of building your dream business/career before the program is over

Investment: $1,997 USD (or 3 payments of $700)

VIP Option

  • Everything from the Standard Package
  • PLUS 3 additional 1:1 intensives so that you have double the coaching to guide you through this deep inner work & help you create more breakthroughs, faster
  • PLUS unlimited coaching via Voxer (text/voice message app) for frequent touch points to answer all your questions & help you feel supported through every single step so that you never feel like you’re doing this alone

Investment: $3,997 USD (or 3 payments of $1,333)

I am here to support you in getting crystal clear on your purpose and developing an actionable plan for HOW to step into it so that you can feel the fulfillment that comes with pursuing a purpose-driven life.

Here’s the thing – 80% of people settle for mediocre lives because they’ve never been taught how to get clear on their purpose and build their life around it.

I help ambitious humans uncover their purpose so they can step into their full potential and spend their days doing what they love!!

Together, within this life purpose coaching container, we can…

  • Figure out exactly what your dream business looks like & set clear goals you’re excited to achieve so that you always know what you’re working toward
  • Pinpoint your dream career/business based on your unique superpowers, passions, and financial goals so that you’re crystal clear on what you want to do in the next phase of your career
  • Identify your core values and intentionally design a life & career that’s aligned with them so that you feel fulfilled on a daily basis
  • Uncover & work through the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from moving forward & building your dream business so that you can take action without getting in your own way
  • Break your goals down into focused action plans that make it easy for you to achieve them
  • Make massive momentum every week and realize your wildest dreams faster than you thought possible
  • Clarify your vision, master your mindset, bulletproof your strategy, manage your energy, and create fulfilling success ™

After working with me in this life purpose coaching container, you will be on your way to building your dream business or stepping into a career that fulfills you and have a crystal clear road map of how to get there (plus you’ll already be well on your way!)

Uncover & work through the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from moving forward & building your dream life so that you can take action without getting in your own way

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