The Life Audit Workbook

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a seasoned CEO, or an ambitious human, this step by step life audit process is exactly what you need to powerfully transform your life in 2024.

What is a Life Audit?

A Life Audit is a way to intentionally create a life you actually love to live, which is shockingly uncommon in our society. Most people settle for circumstances they found themselves in, be it a degree they picked as a teenager or an industry they stumbled into accidentally, most people are settling instead of intentionally creating true fulfillment.

A life audit is a great tool to help you identify what actually matters to you so that you can focus your time and energy on creating a life you truly want to live.

A life audit can come in handy whether you’re going through a massive transformation — like a career change, a relationship change, a location change, or an identity crisis — but it’s also an invaluable tool to use on a regular basis, when nothing is necessarily wrong, but you want to make everything even better.

Does this sound like you?

Do you:

  • Make ambitious goals but aren’t sure how to actually accomplish them?
  • Know what to prioritize each month AND have it actually fit into your calendar?
  • Put the same goals on your ‘new years resolution’ list year after year and have yet to achieve them?
  • Feel like you could be doing more but aren’t sure exactly how to make it happen?
  • Struggle with balancing your life and business and aren’t sure which one takes top priority?
  • Want to create a balanced life in the new year while also achieving the goals you have set for yourself?
  • Lack intentionality and feel like you have no real line of focus?

The Life Audit Workbook

A life audit is powerful because it allows you to get clear on what you actually want and puts you in the driver’s seat of your life.

Reflect on happiness: Identify the areas of your life that are bringing the most joy!
Envision your life: Create an image of what your BEST life looks like.

Map it out: Get specific on exactly how you want your life to look by years end.

Goal setting: Define actionable steps to achieving your goals that align with your values.

A life audit forces you to be intentional with how you’re spending your time, money, and energy so that they can contribute to your personal fulfillment and success.

hey, i’m Ana McRae

I know what it’s like to want the freedom, fulfillment, and financial abundance that comes with entrepreneurship, but not seeing the path to get off the hamster wheel.

As a mother, entrepreneur, and coach, I feel like I’m constantly juggling a thousand balls. My journey from a hectic start-up phase with 2 kiddos under the age of 5 and a full time job, to now running a quarter-million-dollar business while traveling for up to 5 months at a time with my family, all while working less than 25 hours a week is the backbone of this bundle. I needed resources to help me stay focused, productive, and balanced, and so I created them. And now I’m sharing them with you too.

I know Your time is your most valuable asset. You will NEVER get it back. This toolkit exists to support you with using that time in the most effective way so that you can achieve the life and business you truly desire.

As a business coach, every single day I’m behind the scenes of dozens of businesses and I get a front row seat to exactly what holds people back and what moves them forward.

It’s not a lack of time, money, or resources that makes the difference. It’s how intentionally you USE the time, money, and resources you already have.