End of Year Reflection & Goal Setting Workbook

Reflect on the last 365 days and get intentional about where you’ll focus your time & energy in the next 365 days to move you closer to your vision of your best life.

End of Year Reflection and Goal Setting Workbook

Reflecting on the past year to gain clarity in your goal setting for the future year.

Reflect on the year:
Identify the areas of your life that are in alignment with your values!
Create a vision:
Uncover the things you are most passionate about.

Future planning:
Get specific on exactly how you want to spend your time over the next year.

Goal setting:
Outline goals that align with your values and vision for your life.

Reflecting on the previous year is the best way to determine how to make the next year your most successful, profitable, and happiest year yet!

Why do I need to do a year end reflection?

This End of Year Reflection and Goal Setting Workbook is your key to unlocking a brighter, more intentional future!

Taking time to pause and reflect over the last 365 days before embarking on the next year is the best way to set yourself up for success. Whether it’s the new year, the beginning of a new job, or a major lifestyle change, doing an end of year reflection is key to making sure your goals align with your values.

This workbook is full of thought-provoking questions that were carefully designed to challenge you, urging you to dive deep into your life so that you can truly reflect and plan for the journey ahead.

Don’t expect to breeze through this in 30 minutes; it’s a powerful self reflective and thought provoking tool to plan for the future. So, set some time aside to really dive into the process of reflecting on the past and planning for the future.

The End of Year Reflection and Goal Setting Workbook is not just a one time reflective tool; it is something you can use again and again to make sure you are on the most aligned path for your ambitious goals. Get yours today to get a head start on accomplishing your goals!

hey, i’m Ana McRae

I know what it’s like to want the freedom, fulfillment, and financial abundance that comes with entrepreneurship, but not seeing the path to get off the hamster wheel.

As a mother, entrepreneur, and coach, I feel like I’m constantly juggling a thousand balls. My journey from a hectic start-up phase with 2 kiddos under the age of 5 and a full time job, to now running a quarter-million-dollar business while traveling for up to 5 months at a time with my family, all while working less than 25 hours a week is the backbone of this bundle. I needed resources to help me stay focused, productive, and balanced, and so I created them. And now I’m sharing them with you too.

I know Your time is your most valuable asset. You will NEVER get it back. This toolkit exists to support you with using that time in the most effective way so that you can achieve the life and business you truly desire.

As a business coach, every single day I’m behind the scenes of dozens of businesses and I get a front row seat to exactly what holds people back and what moves them forward.

It’s not a lack of time, money, or resources that makes the difference. It’s how intentionally you USE the time, money, and resources you already have.