Wondering how to start an online business and what you need to start a business online? Ready to make money online and get paid working from home? Need a business foundations program to set you up for success?


How to Start an Online Business

You’re here to start & grow a thriving online business that creates fulfillment, freedom, and financial abundance.

You are made for more!

More than a job that drains your energy and leaves you counting down the hours until 5:00pm / the weekend.

More than a paycheck that barely meets your needs, and doesn’t allow for the finer things in life (like avocados, or full time travel).

More than a company that doesn’t value your contribution, and a boss that you can’t stand.

You are made to pursue your purpose (and you know it).

You’re ready to break free of the corporate mold and build a life that aligns with your values.

You’re ready to step into your full potential as a leader, a changemaker, a rule-breaker. You’re no longer willing to shrink, play small, and conform with society’s expectations.

You’re here to redefine success and prioritize a purpose driven life.

You’re here to start and grow an online business that you love.

Welcome, I’m so glad you’re here.

business accelerator program by Ana McRae, cheers with champagne
lindsay darling 1:1 online business coaching client testimonial

coaching works — and Ana is as good as it gets!

Ana has helped me to understand how and why I get stuck, how to see the possibilities vs. the roadblocks, and how to take action steps towards creating the life I want. I count the conversations I’ve had with Ana among the most meaningful and pivotal of my life. I leave every session feeling empowered, clear, and grounded. To call her a business coach seems incredibly minimizing as I found her to be my closest confidant, my trusted sounding board, and my mirror — reflecting back to me who I am now as well as who I need to become in order to achieve my goals. Ana has a brilliant business mind, a deep understanding of human nature, and, maybe most importantly, an ability to distill down the obstacles that keep people from truly expanding into their own greatness (oh, and then she creates a plan to overcome them!). She is a voice that challenges you to think and act in different ways—to provide you with a new, empowering perspective. If there’s a gap between where you are now, and where you want to be, coaching works — and Ana is as good as it gets!

Lindsay Darling

Online Business Manager
1:1 purpose coaching client Amy Bostick

I quit my 9 to 5 and am working in my DREAM industry!

When I first made the decision to reach out to Ana, I can only describe myself as being in a dense fog. I could recognize I was in a job that was not providing me with the fulfillment I craved yet I had no idea what I wanted to do instead or how to even go about figuring that out. Working with Ana was beyond anything I could have imagined from a coach. Ana helped me uncover what was in me all along and helped me develop strategies to take control back over my life right away, providing empathy all along the way. I’m happy to say that now the fog is lifted. Being coached by Ana is the best investment I’ve made not only in my career but my life overall. 

Amy Bostick


I finally started my coaching & retreats business!

I was originally looking for a health coach and found Ana instead. In 6 short months of working together, she helped me realize the dreams I had buried and turn them into a real possibility!!  I hosted my first practice retreat for women!!  There were times I wanted to cancel appointments because I hadn’t done the work I committed to. The self doubts were real. Instead I showed up and did the messy work with Ana.  At the end of 6 months I have clarity on my purpose (just as she originally promised).  I’m looking forward to seeing what additional miracles we can accomplish together in the next 6 months! 

Jaime White

CEO, J'aime Coaching
1:1 executive business coaching client

The investment is SO worth it!

This has been 10/10 amazing!! Hiring Ana is one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. Everybody needs an Ana. One of the biggest benefits I experienced was having a guide post every week to keep me focused, and to have someone help me do the mental lifting around figuring out how to prioritize the goals and how to see a clear path to them. The investment is SO worth it. I feel super energized, refocused, and have a sense of clarity leaving each coaching session. It’s game changing!

Sandra English

1:1 executive business coaching client billy english

Highly recommend Ana to anyone with big goals!

Having Ana as a coach has helped me stay focused and more productive than ever before.  I am often pulled in several directions. With Ana’s guidance during our coaching sessions, I am able to create the space to accomplish goals that so often fall off the list. I highly recommend Ana’s coaching to anyone who is driven and looking for a way to accomplish so much more than they already are.

Billy English

1:1 online business coaching client Samantha Kopelman

I was finally able to start my business!!

I knew I wanted to start a business but felt lost as to what and how. Ana helped me get clear on exactly what kind of business I wanted to start and create an action plan on how to get there. I’ve made tremendous progress even in the past few months. The combination of business advice and also mindset coaching has been the perfect mix for me. I’m so grateful I found you as my coach, Ana! You’ve been such an integral part of setting a vision for my life and working towards it!!

Samantha Kopelman

Money Mindset Coach

business accelerator program by Ana McRae, life and business coach headshot

In 2018, I broke down after spending months dreading Monday mornings, counting down the minutes until 5pm, and crying about how little time I got to spend with my kids.

I was making 5 figures a year working 12 hour days at a corporate job that sucked my soul dry… commuting 3 hours a day, being the first to drop of my 2 year old at daycare and the last one to pick him up… living for the weekends…

Although I had a prestigious corporate job and had achieved everything society wanted  me to be, I felt desperately unfulfilled.

I could picture a different life for myself… I wanted to start an online business, but I didn’t know the first step in making it happen. I didn’t see a way out. I had no idea how to start and grow an online business.

Limiting beliefs kept me stuck in the corporate world until I could NOT spend another minute of this finite life doing work that drained my soul.

And then a miracle happened…

When I discovered & followed my Purpose, I started making money doing work I LOVED.

Fast forward 2 years, I am making more money in HALF the year working a QUARTER of the hours… from my couch, from a hammock in the woods, from a skoolie travelling the country… spending every afternoon with my kiddos, and living a life I didn’t even realize was possible for me.

Since starting my business, I’ve had the privilege of helping dozens of ambitious women & entrepreneurs tune into their purpose and build thriving heart-centered online businesses around their unique talents.

  • It takes bravery to unplug from the corporate grind and decide you are worthy of having everything you’ve ever wanted. And I know you’re brave.
  • It takes courage to put your dream on the line and go all in. And I know you’re courageous.
  • It takes ambition to show up for your vision day after day until you finally get where you want to go. And I know you’re ambitious.
Ana McRae working on laptop on hammock

To the brave, courageous, and ambitious womxn who have a vision for a life that’s different than the one they find themselves in today,

I invite you to make it happen

Business Accelerator Program

PURPOSE & PROFIT is a 4 month Signature Group Coaching & Training Business Accelerator Program designed to help you launch your purpose driven online business and create paying clients

This business accelerator program equips you with all the tools, strategies, and frameworks you need to succeed in entrepreneurship and lay the foundation of a THRIVING purpose-driven business. Let me take you behind the scenes of the transformations you will experience as a result of this program.

business accelerator program purpose and vision graphic

Clarify your purpose/mission/vision

You’ll feel crystal clear on the life you want to create for yourself and what you want to do “when you grow up”. You’ll walk away knowing your mission, the WHY behind your business, and the change you want to create in the world. And not only that, but you’ll be clear AF on how YOUR superpowers/unique abilities will contribute to it.

  • Get crystal clear on exactly what you want out of life & the vision you have for yourself so that you can take aligned action
  • Ground down in your values (internal & external) so that you’re always living in alignment with them
  • Nail down your purpose & the mission you are passionate about so you can articulate your WHY clearly and attract your dream clients
  • Identify the movement you want to create in the world so that you can make a genuine impact
  • Pinpoint how your unique superpowers & abilities will contribute to the industry in a brand new way, so that there IS NO competition – you are in your own ball game

business accelerator program business model graphic

Structure your business model

You’ll feel confident in your strategy & clear on your business structure so that you can finally sell your services, serve your people & make money in your business!

  • Nail your niche so you’re no longer stuck spinning in circles / caught up in starter limbo. Start OWNING your expertise & mastery and feeling clear on who you’re calling in.
  • Get crystal clear on the specific problem you’re solving for your people so that you can clearly articulate it.
  • Map out your offer in a way that leverages your unique talents and has you fired up about the work you’re doing.
  • Set nourishing price points for your offers that you feel CONFIDENT charging & that support your vision for your life.
  • Deep dive into my signature soulful sales strategy that leaves no ambiguity as to where you’ll get your next client and instead allows you to convert clients at above industry standards in a way that feels easeful & natural
  • Develop a stand out brand built around YOU that your audience loves & step into thought leadership so your ideal clients see you as the go to leader in your space
  • Learn my signature content creation process that allows you to become a master of storytelling and messaging & consistently create powerful content that converts paying clients on social media
  • Build an engaged community through sustainable strategies built on genuine connection with people that are bought into your vision and asking to work with you
  • Organize your back end processes so that business runs smoothly & you get to focus on the work you LOVE
  • Learn how to launch and sell high end offers in full integrity with simple, repeatable process for booking out your services

business accelerator program mindset graphic

Master Your Mindset

Overcome your deepest limiting beliefs and self sabotaging patterns of behavior so that you can finally get out of your own way and create your dream life & business (instead of just dreaming about it).

  • Learn the science behind mindset work and why it’s the most strategic thing you can do to grow your business
  • Access the tools & strategies & resources that will help you manage your mindset and consistently elevate the quality of your decisions so that you’re moving toward your vision rather than sabotaging your success
  • Dive deep into my signature framework for transforming your deepest limiting beliefs & actually changing the way you think so that you can take action like you never have before
  • Redefine your relationship with sales & shift your money stories so that you feel confident inviting people into conversations with you, articulating your value, and overcoming objections in a way that empowers your ideal clients to make the best possible decision for themselves & say YES to a deeper level of your support

Purpose & Profit is a unique business accelerator program here to transform your life & business this year.

Ana McRae sitting on rock by waterfall

This is the best business accelerator program on the internet and it is MOST different from any other business foundations program out there because it goes deeper than social media strategies and sales funnels. 

In this business accelerator program, you get to the root of the MINDSET issues holding you back from following through on the STRATEGIES. When you learn BOTH, you become UNSTOPPABLE. 

On every group call, you’ll learn the strategy to building a thriving business AND the mindset hurdles that often come up, so that you can bypass self sabotage and go straight to success & fulfillment.

If you’re ready to start and grow a thriving online business and secure consistent, paying clients,

PURPOSE & PROFIT is exactly the right fit for you!!

What’s included

business accelerator program standard package graphic

  • in depth training modules where you will learn everything you need to know to start making money in your business – that you can go through at your own pace and have access to for LIFE! $4,444 value!
  • live group coaching calls to help you integrate your learning into your specific business and receive personalized guidance and support, recorded so that you can keep coming back to these time and time again! $8,888 value!
  • a private group with daily support directly from me on your burning questions and mindset challenges to amplify your momentum in between calls! $4,444 value!
  • an exclusive community of other ambitious entrepreneurs as part of your network that you can collaborate with and go deeper with (priceless!)
  • in depth guides & worksheets to support you with implementing & achieving results right away. $1,600 value!
  • an intimate accountability pod that becomes like a family of biz besties for life. (priceless!)
  • BONUS calls with guest speakers sharing their expertise so that you can learn from multiple mentors in one program! $2,222 value!

Total value: $21,598 USD

Your investment: $21,598 USD $3,333 USD*

*(monthly $888 & biweekly $477 payment plans available!)

business accelerator program VIP package graphic
  • in depth training modules where you will learn everything you need to know to start making money in your business – that you can go through at your own pace and have access to for LIFE! $4,444 value!
  • live group coaching calls to help you integrate your learning into your specific business and receive personalized guidance and support, recorded so that you can keep coming back to these time and time again! $8,888 value!
  • a private group with daily support directly from me on your burning questions and mindset challenges to amplify your momentum in between calls! $4,444 value!
  • an exclusive community of other ambitious entrepreneurs as part of your network that you can collaborate with and go deeper with. (priceless!)
  • in depth guides & worksheets to support you with implementing & achieving results right away. $1,600 value!
  • an intimate accountability pod that becomes like a family of biz besties for life. (priceless!)
  • BONUS calls with guest speakers sharing their expertise so that you can learn from multiple mentors in one program! $2,222 value!

  • Additional 4 deep dive 1:1 strategy sessions with me to integrate every aspect of the course curriculum to your unique business! $4,444 value!

    This is for those of you who thrive in 1 to 1 conversations and want me in your corner every day to help you really take your business to the next level!

Total value: $26,042 USD

Your investment: $26,042 USD $4,444 USD*

* (monthly $1,111 and biweekly $599 payment plans available!)

What has this experience been like for other ambitious entrepreneurs like yourself?

Amy Bostick

Samantha Kopelman

Sandra English

Who is a perfect fit for this business accelerator program?

Ana McRae, life and business coach in the woods sitting on tree stump

This is for the changemakers, the rule breakers, the status quo shakers.

I’m calling in the womxn that is driven by purpose, wants to make an impact, and is here for more than the laptop lifestyle; the womxn who is ready to step into her full potential as a badass CEO; the woman who has always wanted to start an online business… “some day”, and today is ready to take the dream off the back burner and make big things happen.

This is for the women who

  • Craves freedom, fulfillment, and financial abundance: wants to work for herself, set her own schedule, be her own boss, report to no one, work where she wants, when she wants, on whatever is exciting to her at that time
  • Craves connection: currently feels alone (perhaps the only person she knows in “real life” who is starting an online business) but thrives in community and wants to be around other fempreneurs with similar ambitious dreams that help her normalize her audacious goals
  • Wants to spend her days doing work she loves & wake up exploding with joy every morning

If you’ve made the decision that you are worthy of a life that lights you up, and you are ready to back that with aligned action, this is for you.

Who would thrive elsewhere?

This is a business accelerator program, perfect for early stage entrepreneurs that are creating/finalizing their offers and working toward their first paying clients and/or consistent monthly income.

This is NOT ideal for someone who

  • Has already built a thriving business and is hitting her income goals consistently
  • Has a large social media following that she’s already monetized and is creating consistent $5K months
  • Is looking for help with scaling (team, outsourcing, processes, delegating, leadership, etc.)

If this is you, you might be a better fit for my 1:1 VIP coaching program. Book a call to explore which option is the best fit for you.

This is also not the best place to start for someone who 

  • Is completely unclear on what they want to do with their life. Some uncertainty in your direction is okay, and this program will definitely help you nail down your purpose and choose a path to move forward on, but if you have absolutely no idea what kind of business you want to start you’d be a better fit for my purpose coaching program, let’s have a chat.


There will be time on every group call for you to ask your burning questions and get Ana’s expert guidance/advice/feedback to help you apply the material to your business. There will also be a private group to ask questions in that Ana will be active in to support you with your burning questions in between calls. However, the structure of the basic package is great for those who are ready to hold themselves accountable and get the tools, strategy, and structure that’s required to create a wildly successful business and then implement what feels good for them within an inspiring and empowering group container. For those seeking personalized 1:1 support and tailored strategy and are ready to go ALL IN and create quantum leaps of growth, investing in the 1:1 option is the best bet! You’ll be able to have 4 x 1:1 calls with Ana to go deeper into the challenges you’re facing, the mindset blocks you need support in overcoming, the specific business model you want to implement, etc. This is the most affordable way to receive 1:1 support!

You will have access for life! All the group calls will be recorded and available for you to download and come back to time and time again. If you are unable to make it live to any of the calls, you will be able to watch the replay! You will also get copies of all the resources and worksheets to use over and over again whenever you are creating a new revenue stream in your business. This is an investment you are making in your growth that you will see the return on over and over again for years to come.

If you already know your niche and you’ve worked with clients (either paid or pro bono), that’s fantastic! This program will help you anchor even more powerfully into your vision and purpose, overcome mindset blocks or self sabotaging patterns of behavior that are still lingering, provide a great refresh of business foundations and fill in any gaps you have in your current business model by giving you tools and resources you may not have implemented yet, empower you with the confidence to continue growing, surround you with incredible women that are on a similar journey, and allow you to stand in your power and sign more clients with more ease. This is also a great program for someone who’s created success, but wants to pivot directions in their business. However, if you’re hitting consistent $5K months and you’re looking to scale to 6 figures and beyond, I have another offering that’s likely a better fit. Let’s touch base and explore options.

If all you know is that you want to be your own boss but you haven’t gotten much further than that, it’ll take a bit of inner work to uncover your purpose before you can build a business around it – you may be a better fit for my purpose coaching program, let’s chat about that. However, if you know the general industry you want to be in (coach, virtual assistant, OBM, healer/guide, consultant) and are just feeling confused about how you fit into it, or are not 100% sure this is the right direction, this program WILL help you identify your superpowers and clarify your purpose so that you can build a business that you LOVE within the industry that you’re feeling called to.

Nope! Having a high level thought partner to get strategic with is valuable whether you haven’t had a single client or are earning multiple six figures a year.

While ongoing coaching is not included as part of the intensive, I’m always happy to answer a quick email to clarify anything we covered on our call in the days following our session.

Perfect timing! If you’re overwhelmed and unsure where to begin, the pre-session questionnaire will help us pinpoint what we need to talk about based on what you’re sharing & the intensive will give you the clarity you’re missing.

My mission

I am on a mission to empower women to create lives and businesses that light them up.

To help you awaken to your inner purpose and build a business that fills your cup, gives you energy, fuels you, and fulfills you; to show you that you can have it all, without doing it all; and to help you leave a legacy.

I am here to support you in stepping into your full potential and embodying your leadership.

I empower women to pursue their purpose and build THRIVING businesses while living FULFILLING lives.

Today you get to decide that you are worthy of fulfillment, freedom, and financial abundance. 

Ana McRae, founder of the business accelerator program Purpose & Profit

And, then you get to back that decision with action by investing in the best business accelerator program & support you deserve by joining an intimate container of other women on the same journey as you.